A Java-program which Combines the results of several methods (available throught the Internet ) that Predict Transmembrane regions in proteins in a joint prediction Histogram

Below, are links to the individual methods predicting transmembrane regions in proteins:
  • SOSUI - secondary structure prediction, membrane proteins (GenomeNet, Japan)
  • TMpred - transmembrane regions and orientation (ISREC)
  • ISREC - SAPS (Lausanne) ISREC (analyses proteins for statistically significant features like charge-clasters , repeat of hydrofobic regions , compositional domains etc.)
  • DAS - Dense Alignment Surface method for transmembrane helix prediction (Stockholm Univ.)
  • TopPred II - Topology prediction of membrane proteins
  • PHD - Profile neural network prediction from EMBL,Heidelberg , aka Predict Protein (EMBL)
  • PREDTMR - a novel method for predicting transmembrane segments in proteins

    ..OR THE HELP PAGE FOR MORE INFO on how to run the program