PRED-GPCR Results:
# Please, consider as reliable Motif matches those with an E-value below the Motif specific cutoff.
# Also, reliable Family matches are those with a combined E-value below the weighted Minimum error point (0.004).
# These matches are indicated with the ! symbol.
# For more details, please consult the appropriate help page. 

Profile                 Family                                        Motif Cutoff     E-Value

cc1 Chemokine receptor cc 0.08 1.8e-07 ! cc111 Chemokine receptor cc 0.03 1e-05 ! cc94 Chemokine receptor cc 0.03 1.2e-05 ! op21 Opsin 0.003 0.25 ? od16 Odorant or Olfactory receptor 0.15 1.6 ? ac235 Acetylcholine muscarinic receptor 0.0081 1.8 ?

Family Combined p-value Combined e-value Family profiles
Chemokine receptor cc 2.75e-28 1.62e-23 3 out of 3 !

PRED-GPCR Version 1.01 User Defined Parameters Filtering Options: Combined E-value cutoff: 0.004 Individual Motifs cutoff: Global cutoff 2 Low Complexity Filter: not applied Please, cite: Papasaikas PK, Bagos PG, Litou ZI, Hamodrakas SJ A novel method for GPCR recognition and family classification from sequence alone using signatures derived from profile hidden Markov models. SAR QSAR Environ Res. 2003 Oct-Dec;14(5-6):413-20.
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PRED-GPCR Version 1.01
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